Why do I believe in a God I cannot see?

The reason behind this blog comes from a discussion with a friend who was feeling lonely and alone in the world and we were chatting about what we do in our lives and how that impacts how we feel and who we are.

I was telling her that to me my faith was everything and with God in my life one is a majority. The conversation swung around to how could I believe in someone I couldn’t see?

There is a ton of evidence around us that shows that there is a power or source that is greater than ourselves. We like to be able to touch, see and investigate life however if you stop and think about it we all believe in things we cannot see – the wind – we don’t see it but we see what it does.  Electricity – we can’t see it but we have faith that when we hit the light switch we will see light.  Air is responsible for keeping us alive – but we cannot see it!

Taking time to read my Bible each day and explore what is in its pages gives me the evidence that He exists. Admittedly it takes time and dedication to search but the benefit to me is a life of peace and hope. To that end, that is how I know God exists. I cannot see Him, but I read in His word the Bible, what He has created, how good life can be if I follow Him and how He cares for us; of this I am convinced.

The Bible is indeed His word for us; Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and that He will return to this earth. These form a foundation upon which hopes for world peace, and for our own future must rest. When we were chatting it made me realise that being left to ourselves, we have no long term future and that we are becoming more and more demoralised by a world that is deteriorating. To me, placing my trust in God gives me hope for our future. Why? Because the Bible (God’s word) tells me of a future hope. Yes, a hope for our deteriorating world! Wow!

Jesus Christ will set up the Kingdom of God upon this earth. All existing governments will be removed, and He himself will reign as king. He will have complete power to achieve peace among the nations. As we read in the book of Daniel:

“The God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure for ever.” (Daniel 2:44)

The Bible is just such a trustworthy source of information. There is much evidence to convince us that the Bible comes from a power greater than ourselves and that its message can be trusted.  Keeping our focus on what matters most to me in life; following God’s word and letting Him use me to live out that word and share in His promises are paramount; moving forward with confidence that God will do what’s best throughout my life.

There is a rescue plan if you and I want to be part of that. There is a hope. We would love to share that hope with you. We are genuine people, working in ordinary jobs, living our lives as set out in God’s word. We would love to share this hope with you too. You do not have to feel alone, lonely and feeling that there is no purpose to life.

Reach out to us we are hear to listen. You don’t have to study alone either – we have bible study groups that you can join, or one to one support is available. We can provide you with a Bible if you do not have one, there are plenty of blogs on this website to encourage you and we have literature available. We have online learning too.

We have a Facebook group, this website, you can reach out to us on messenger or email too. We would love to hear from you; reach out to any of us – just like my friend did to me. We had an enlightening discussion. You are not alone and we have so much to share with you!

Article by Sair. Photo credit: Joshua Reddekopp (unsplash.com).

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