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Does the Bible itself provide evidence for God?

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Most people would agree that the existence of God and His revelation in the Bible is a matter of faith. But how compelling is this faith? Can something that cannot be seen or touched, cannot be proven by experiment, can only be inferred from evidence, be real? One of the most powerful statements about faith […]

Is the New Testament telling the truth? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

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The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation stone of Christianity. If Jesus rose from the dead, then he was clearly the Son of God. If he did not rise from the dead, then his claims to be the saviour of men were false. Paul states this in his letter to the Corinthians: Now if […]

How is prophecy evidence for the reliability of the Bible?

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What is prophecy? It is common in the twenty-first century for people to associate prophecy with predictions about the future. In the Bible prophecy frequently has this element. But in the Bible prophecy often has two elements: prediction but also direction. Prophecy, therefore, can involve words of prediction that warn God’s people about what is […]

Evidence at Jericho Supports Biblical Testimony

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One excellent example of archaeology supporting the truth of the Bible made headlines in the press a few years ago. For several decades the prevailing archaeological opinion about the ancient city of Jericho was that it had been destroyed about 1550 BC and that there was no fortified city in existence in the time of […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Dead Sea Scrolls

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In a world filled with an overwhelming amount of information at one’s fingertips, many philosophies, ideologies, ways of thinking and opposing points of view, as well as an increasing amount of misinformation, for knowledge about the purpose of life and the future of the earth, there is one book that we can rely on. The […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Bible Manuscripts

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Could a book written over a period of a more than a millennium, by many different authors, two thousand and more years ago, be a reliable source of information? And what are the chances of something like this surviving intact over that length of time? In fact, there are good reasons to believe that the […]