Introduction to the Bible

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The story of the Bible

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Let us take the centuries before Christ, and arrange them in groups of five, putting our dividing lines at 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 BC. Those dates will do, sufficiently accurate for our present purpose, to mark out for us the divisions of Bible history, and with each of them we can associate a name, […]

Geography can help us understand the Bible better

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Although we may not really think about it too much, and though it may affect us less today than it did when transportation was much more difficult, geography plays a large part in our lives. It may affect what we eat, what we live in, what kind of jobs are available, what we think about […]

What you need to know to choose between Bible translations

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There are many different translations of the Bible available, and it can be overwhelming trying to choose between them. This post will discuss the four main types of Bible translation: word for word (literal), thought for thought (dynamic equivalence), a blend of word for word and thought for thought, and paraphrase. Word for word This […]

The History of the English Bible

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The Bible was not originally written in English: the Old Testament was written in Hebrew (with some small parts in Aramaic), and the New Testament was written in Greek with the inclusion of some Aramaic words and phrases. At the time of Jesus, it seems that Greek may have been the common language of people in […]

The first step is to open your Bible

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Have you read this book? Although many people may have more than one Bible in their homes, and it has been translated completely into 554 languages, allowing many people the opportunity to read it, it is probably not the most widely read book in the world today. It can be a little intimidating, or maybe […]