How the Bible Came to Be

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How the Bible Came to Be: Bible Translations

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If you were looking for an English version of the Bible 400 years ago there was only one option available. Today there are a variety of Bible translations to choose from and the sheer number of translations can make the task seem daunting. Because the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek, it needed […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Dead Sea Scrolls

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In a world filled with an overwhelming amount of information at one’s fingertips, many philosophies, ideologies, ways of thinking and opposing points of view, as well as an increasing amount of misinformation, for knowledge about the purpose of life and the future of the earth, there is one book that we can rely on. The […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Original Bible Languages

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Today we are fortunate to be able to read and learn from the Bible for ourselves in our own language.  It is probably the one book that has been translated into the most languages in the world!  This is an amazing feat, considering the fact that there are currently over 6000 living languages in the […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Bible Manuscripts

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Could a book written over a period of a more than a millennium, by many different authors, two thousand and more years ago, be a reliable source of information? And what are the chances of something like this surviving intact over that length of time? In fact, there are good reasons to believe that the […]

How the Bible Came to Be: Bible Authors

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The Bible as we know it today is divided into two parts – the Old and New Testaments. The Old reflects the historic roots of Christianity in Judaism, for it is the Hebrew Bible; and the New reflects what has been written since the time of Jesus, and is recognised by the main Catholic and […]