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The Bible: A Book You Can Trust

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The Bible claims to be God’s Word. When we consider the Old and New Testament manuscripts used to form the Bible, consisting of 66 books, there has been a great deal of rigour involved in copying of the texts and of scholarly work to record, document and provide their accuracy. The Bible is extremely close […]

Does the Bible itself provide evidence for God?

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Most people would agree that the existence of God and His revelation in the Bible is a matter of faith. But how compelling is this faith? Can something that cannot be seen or touched, cannot be proven by experiment, can only be inferred from evidence, be real? One of the most powerful statements about faith […]

Is there evidence for God?

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I am not a scientist. As is probably true with most people, I can read or hear about the latest discoveries in science, but I often don’t fully understand them. It would be ridiculous for me, with a limited knowledge of science, to deny these discoveries, but it does not necessarily follow that one must […]

What is your hope?

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October Blog Series

Perhaps you would have difficulty in expressing clearly any hope you may have concerning the future. You do not often think about it or talk about it to your friends. Yet definite information concerning the future can be obtained in the pages of the Bible. You may think that it does not matter whether you […]