Why I am a Christadelphian

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The answer to the question, “why am I a Christadelphian”, is contained in the answer to the question, “what is a Christadelphian?”.

Many people may not have heard of this name or feel that it must be some sort of a cult or radical religious group because it is not well-known.

Rest assured, Christadelphians are neither a cult nor a radical religious group. The name simply means, “brothers (and sisters) in Christ”. Jesus viewed his followers as his family. He said, “whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother” (Mk 3:35).

Christadelphians are a group of Bible believers who share a common understanding of the Bible and have made a commitment to Jesus Christ, through baptism into his name and a shared belief of the promises contained in the Bible. We do not have a central organization or a paid clergy.

We believe that the sixty-six books that comprise the Bible are the inspired Word of God and it is complete and sufficient to instruct people in the way of salvation. The way of salvation was provided by the LORD God through the sacrificial death of His son Jesus for the forgiveness of sin. Jesus was the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises and covenants God made with people like Eve in the garden of Eden, Abraham and King David of Israel.

We believe that Jesus was tried and tempted just like we are, yet he did not sin. He was crucified and died, but rose from the dead three days later. His Father, the LORD God, raised him from the dead and granted him eternal life. Jesus is with his Father in heaven and will return to this earth at the appointed time to change the world and establish an unending Kingdom of righteousness and peace.

Our hope rests in the coming of Jesus to establish this Kingdom, details of which are found in many of the writings of the Old Testament prophets. When Jesus returns, he will raise the dead in him, grant eternal life to those he deems faithful and proceed to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

As a Christadelphian, I believe that this is the truth as it is taught in the Bible. I have chosen to accept this belief and way of life in serving God until Jesus returns. I am not concerned that Christadelphians are not a large group, relative to other religious denominations, because what I believe is important, is that we follow Jesus in truth and sincerity. I believe that Christadelphians embrace the Word of God in truth and in sincerity and I pray that Jesus will return very shortly to make the Kingdom of God a reality on this earth.

This is why I am a Christadelphian.

Article by John. Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash.

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