What is the point?

For many of us 2020 has been a year of mixed emotions which has left us perplexed. I work in a fairly large office and with a diverse group of people.  It is interesting to listen to conversations and be part of others.  One conversation the other day I was involved in made me stop and think and those thoughts are the basis of this blog. In my last blog I looked at how I can believe in a God I cannot see. This blog embraces the sentiments of that blog.

“What is the point?” some one voiced loudly the other day in the lunch room. This particular person has been through many big negative experiences in the last few months and was obviously at their wits end. We offered listening ears and spoke to them with empathy.  When I returned to my desk I stopped and thought for a while as to what is the point?

For some people life can be empty which leads to confusion, anxiety, loneliness and depression; but are these situations created by longing for things we do not have or experiences we desire? These things which are a buzz at the time we have them or do them but shortly afterwards bring no lasting happiness. We kid ourselves that if we buy that new car, bigger house or take exotic vacations then we would be truly happy. Material things do not always satisfy our desires and it is all just stuff.

Later that week I was asked why I was always so happy and what did I do that made me such a positive, outgoing and kind person. I must admit that I was flattered that people saw those attributes in me because to me I am just being “me”.

On reflection it is because I do not live for the material trappings in life. I am grateful for the food, warmth, shelter and family and feel blessed in that respect. My belief in God is what makes me contented. I am thankful that in whatever circumstance I find myself in in life I know that God is with me and He is in ultimate control of my life. He sends me challenges to help me grow and develop. This is a huge consolation for me. One of my favourite bibles verses which I use to keep me focused is found in Colossians chapter 3 verse 23, “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

My days are purposeful and my time is spent prioritising my spiritual life ensuring that I try to do what is right in God’s sight remembering always “We ought to obey God rather than men” – Acts 5 verse 29. My main objective in life is to walk in faith, living a fulfilling life focused on God and His word the Bible, putting others first rather than myself.

My focus is on the imminent return of Jesus to the earth and His kingdom being established here on the earth. A time of peace and plenty with no more sickness, poverty, war and all the other sad things we see in life at this time.

This is what provides me with lasting happiness and fulfillment in life. To me it’s not all about personal wealth and pleasure. To me it is about reading God’s word and looking forward to a life of meaning in the kingdom.

I’m not saying that I don’t ever struggle with life even as a follower of Christ. I do. I’m just saying that as I endeavour to keep first things first – growing in my relationship with God, and trying to honour Him, the heavy emotions don’t rule and reign my life; rather God does.

This helps me maintain a positive perspective on life. I stay calmer, humbler, focused and more grateful while I carry a deep-seated conviction of hope no matter the circumstance. I am grateful for a caring God gives us confidence in His promise of a future life.

There is a point to life and there is hope. We would love to share that hope with you. We are genuine people, working in ordinary jobs, living our lives as set out in God’s word. We would love to share this hope with you too. You do not have to feel alone, lonely and feeling that there is no purpose to life.

You are not alone. In sharing my thoughts with other’s, I pray that I am spreading hope. When friends ask me for my opinions and I tell them my thoughts I also appreciate that my faith and belief isn’t for everyone. But it is food for thought. And yes I feel we do have the point and a purpose to life!

Reach out to us we are here to listen. You don’t have to study alone either – we have bible study groups that you can join, or one to one support is available. We can provide you with a Bible if you do not have one, there are plenty of blogs on this website to encourage you and we have literature available. We have online learning too.

We have a Facebook group, this website, you can reach out to us on messenger or email too. We would love to hear from you; reach out to any of us.

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