The Character of God

We know that God is a Spirit and that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and eternal. These are characteristics of God that are hard for us to fully understand, and beyond our capabilities of imitating.

The best way we can come to know God is through His personality. His character is portrayed quite vividly throughout the Bible, and it is through knowing His personality that we can imitate Him and become a means by which He can work in the world.

Personality is not so limited that we should be ashamed to think of God in terms of it. Rather, of all realities with which we deal, personality alone, invisible, reaching back in memory, reaching out in imagination, expanding itself in love, and laying hold upon the future with creative power, is a worthy symbol of the Eternal Spirit. (H.E. Fosdick)

The following is a short video describing the character of God using His own description of Himself in Exodus 34:6,7. While you are watching this video, think about how you can relate these characteristics of God to your own life.


Download a PDF to consider later:

Character of God

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