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Your Sins are Forgiven

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And now we come to another scene. Jesus is still in Capernaum, and the multitude is there, as ever. On this occasion it fills the room where Jesus is; it overflows into the street or courtyard. The crowd is more mixed than usual, for there are strangers among them. There are solemn Rabbis, in long […]

Healing of a man possessed

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A short time later, a few days at most, and we see Jesus and his disciples going from Peter’s house by the seashore to the fine new synagogue which had been built for the Jews by a Roman centurion. Many are coming this morning, for they know that “the great Rabbi” will be there. The […]

The Pool of Bethesda

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In the time of Jesus, there were many pools and aqueducts in good repair, which, together with the wells and cisterns gave a plentiful supply of water. A very interesting chapter in the Old Testament relates how King Hezekiah made a conduit through the rock to lead the waters into the city, so that when […]