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Have salt in yourselves

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Three times in his teaching Jesus refers to salt, and always in a figurative sense. The first is in the Sermon on the Mount, and follows immediately after the Beatitudes. Jesus had declared who are “blessed”; and all the Beatitudes until the last one were expressed objectively: “Blessed are the poor”; but in the last, […]

Jesus: Mediator between God and Humanity

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A mediator is a person who is a “go between” or intercedes between two parties. In the Old Testament, this role is well documented and held by a host of individuals at various times. Perhaps the best-known individual in the Old Testament to mediate between God and the people was Moses, the deliverer, leader and […]

Jesus – The High Priest

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October Blog Series

Jesus, the Christ, is regarded as our “Saviour” and so he is. The Bible, however, tells us that Jesus performed a number of roles that were and are essential to his role as Messiah. One of those roles is High Priest. This role is one that is clearly described in the Old Testament of the […]