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It is not too hard these days to find a snippet from the Bible floating around on Social Media. Often the words, carefully arranged and made attractive, can help to inspire, comfort or challenge us. And this is good; but the Bible, also needs to be understood as a whole and taking small pieces without their contexts can sometimes point us in the wrong direction.

The Bible is a big book, and reading the whole thing may seem overwhelming at first. Or maybe you have started to read it many times but got stuck somewhere. Sometimes we expect too much from our Bible reading – thinking that if we don’t have a big “takeaway” each day, we are not doing it right and become discouraged. The truth is that the word of God is meant to be like our daily food – some days it will be exciting and memorable, but most days it is just food – we eat it and without us doing anything else it does the unseen job of nourishing us.

Not too long ago, the words of Scripture were only available to a select few and there were those who got tired of only hearing bits and pieces and wanted to read it all for themselves. It was so important to them that they were willing to risk their lives. Today, the opportunity to read it without risk is available in many countries, and the result is that it is often taken for granted instead of taken advantage of.

With the new year coming up, you may be thinking you would like to get to know the Bible better. Come and join us in a friendly, supportive, online group and do just that. We will talk about the history of the Bible, its literary styles, tools to understand it better, the way we should approach it, evidence for its reliability, how it can change your life, and do our best to answer any questions you may have.

As well, we will support you in reading through a plan that will give you an overview of the Bible story in about six months.

You can join the group here:

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