Do you ever get side tracked?

The twelve Apostles were those who had been specifically commissioned by Jesus to spread the word to all the people. But as the numbers of disciples grew, so did the administration duties of the apostles. It seems the time had come when administration had taken over the work they had been set to do.

This can very easily happen to us too. Planing meetings, finances, maintenance, red tape, or dealing with people problems can all very easily take us away from what is important, like reaching out to others, loving our wives and children, reading God’s word, praying and rejoicing in the Lord.

To overcome this the apostles set up an administration committee. Those people would free the apostles up so that they could get on with the work that they were supposed to be doing.

What is the work we are supposed to be doing? What is God’s calling for us? Are we doing it? Or are we struggling to find time for what is important because the things that are urgent are keeping us occupied?

Let’s re-prioritize our lives to make sure we are doing God’s will for our lives.

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