A Loving God and…

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A Loving God and… Problems

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We often become discouraged and bogged down in life’s cares. The fact that both the Old and New Testaments address this problem the same way indicates that God knows problems and worries are inevitable in this life. Thankfully, He has given us the same solution He gave in both Psalms and Peter’s letter. “Cast your […]

A Loving God and… Loneliness

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Being alone and being lonely are two different things. One can be alone without being lonely, and one can be lonely in a crowded room. Loneliness is, therefore, a state of mind, an emotion brought on by feelings of separation from other human beings. The sense of isolation is very deeply felt by those who […]

A Loving God and… Illness or Death

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Some people endure far more illness than others. They can be in difficult situations for long periods of time with no apparent hope of release. This suffering is not necessarily as a result of something they have or have not done. The Bible tells us that suffering can be for our own good even if […]

A Loving God and… Suffering

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We sometimes ask, “If there is a loving God, why does He stand back and do nothing while the world is full of suffering?” Suffering in our own lives can be a big problem. Some of us are not able to believe in God or the Bible until we have found an answer to the […]