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The Bible Predicts the Future

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The Bible contains a large amount of prophecy. This video will consider two Old Testament prophecies that are extremely important to us today: The Valley of Dry Bones, speaking of the restoration of the nation of Israel to its own Land (Ezekiel 37) and a Vision of World Empires (Daniel 2), showing the successive powers […]

Better times are coming!

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So often we hear friends and co-workers pondering where this world is heading and how there is a need for change for the better but they have no idea how it will happen – their words not ours. Through reading the Bible and listening to God’s word we know how it will happen. When we […]

What is going on in the world?

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Do you ever wonder what is going on in the world? Why is Jerusalem such a problem for so many people? This is one reason to read the Bible. The Bible tells the story of the Jewish people and helps to make sense of what is going on in the world today and gives us […]

The Olivet Prophecy – Part 2

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I have been considering the Olivet Prophecy that Jesus spoke to his disciples in the final week of his life. If we recall from the previous post, Jesus wanted to re-direct the disciples’ attention from the magnificence and beauty of structures (the temple) and show them that God, the Father was not as interested in buildings […]

The Olivet Prophecy – Part 4

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In the previous post, we compared the scriptures from Matthew, Mark and Luke that spoke about the sun, moon and stars as symbols of governments and rulers.  Jesus said the sun would be darkened, the moon would not give its light, and the stars would fall from heaven.  Although some people believe this to be […]

The Olivet Prophecy – Part 3

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In the previous post, we compared the scriptures from Matthew, Mark and Luke that spoke about great distress/tribulation and the abomination of desolation regarding the signs Jesus gave to his disciples. It would appear that these events related to the destruction of the Jewish Temple and the taking of the city of Jerusalem by the […]

The Olivet Prophecy – Part 1

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The Olivet Prophecy is perhaps the best known prophecy Jesus spoke. It is widely used regarding the return of Jesus to the earth, especially as a guide for identifying certain events that indicate the nearness of his return. The Prophecy will be considered in a number of subsequent blog posts. The Olivet Prophecy is so […]

Jesus – The High Priest

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October Blog Series

Jesus, the Christ, is regarded as our “Saviour” and so he is. The Bible, however, tells us that Jesus performed a number of roles that were and are essential to his role as Messiah. One of those roles is High Priest. This role is one that is clearly described in the Old Testament of the […]

Predicting the Future

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As regards the Bible, a prophet is a person who proclaims or declares. A prophet declared God’s will to those around, and part of that declaration included advice about events that would happen in the future. There are many Bible prophets, and there is a whole section in the Bible titled the “Major Prophets”, comprising […]

Nebuchadnezzar’s Image

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So, we’ve talked about specific cities and people, but what about history on a broader scale? The book of Daniel, chapter 2, written around 550 BC, contains a pretty amazing story of world history which at that time was still mostly in the future. It was a dream that Nebuchadnezzar had. He dreamed of a […]