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A New Creation

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This is a verse where praise is given to the Lord for what he has done by creating all things not for our own pleasure but for the pleasure of the Lord. As we read in Revelation 4, that God created all things, we read that God takes pleasure in His creation and mankind was […]

Jesus believed in Creation

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The Bible begins with the account of creation in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Creation is the foundation of the Bible and a good understanding of creation will greatly assist in understanding God’s Word. Jesus, the Son of God, believed in the book of Genesis and the creation account. This […]

What do I need to do next?

by Blog Team
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This blog really follows on from the blog from April 11th,  on this website when we looked at the promises we see in Bible prophecy and that blog ended with:  Like the Israelites being led by Moses, we too are in our wilderness as we await the glorious time to come in our promised land that will be […]

The Bible Predicts the Future

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The Bible contains a large amount of prophecy. This video will consider two Old Testament prophecies that are extremely important to us today: The Valley of Dry Bones, speaking of the restoration of the nation of Israel to its own Land (Ezekiel 37) and a Vision of World Empires (Daniel 2), showing the successive powers […]

Better times are coming!

by Blog Team

So often we hear friends and co-workers pondering where this world is heading and how there is a need for change for the better but they have no idea how it will happen – their words not ours. Through reading the Bible and listening to God’s word we know how it will happen. When we […]

Will there be peace on earth? Yes!!

by Blog Team

The HOPE of the Gospel is a wonderful one – to live for ever in the Kingdom of God. This promise is real and physical and is described in the Bible. God’s purpose is clear, “All the earth shall be filled with the glory of the Lord” (Numbers 14:21). This is not a ‘spiritual experience’ or ‘rapture’ […]

Child birth, labour pains, and a changing world!

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Does it seem that there are an increasing amount of disasters, crises and major issues in the world? Is it a case that the COVID-19 pandemic has magnified the problems of everyday life and perhaps we only perceive more crises? Perhaps it is the increase in technology, need for global reporting and an increased access […]

“Jesus the Galilean”

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Galilee in the Bible Jesus was born in Bethlehem and spent part of his youngest years in Egypt, possibly Alexandria. But his step-father Joseph and likely his mother Mary were from Nazareth, in the region of Galilee. This put them several days’ journey north from Jerusalem, which was not only the location of the Temple […]

Keeping the Sabbath Today

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The Sabbath in the Life of the Lord Jesus Christ Strange things about this day begin to emerge in the Gospels. Jesus taught in the synagogues on the sabbath, of course (Mark 1:21; Luke 4:16,31), as did the apostles later (Acts 13:14,42,44; 16:13; 17:2; 18:4), but this proves nothing in the case, save that the […]

Thanking God

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Being thankful is an action and an attitude and it pleases God. In the Bible, we read a great deal about “thanksgiving”, “being thankful”, and “giving thanks”. In the Old Testament, we learn that “thanksgiving” was a “sacrifice” that could be made, as it was part of the peace offering (Leviticus 7:11-18). We may not […]