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Why I Read the Bible

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There are so many uncertainties and causes for worry in the world today. We all make goals and plans for the future, but the future is uncertain and when we pause to consider this it can’t help but make us a little uneasy. This is part of the reason why I read the Bible. The […]

Why I am a Christadelphian

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The answer to the question, “why am I a Christadelphian”, is contained in the answer to the question, “what is a Christadelphian?”. Many people may not have heard of this name or feel that it must be some sort of a cult or radical religious group because it is not well-known. Rest assured, Christadelphians are […]

Why I Believe the Bible

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We live in a world that has advanced in many domains such as medicine, science, knowledge, technology, communication and information to name a few. Today, everything is questioned and there is a pressure for more information in order to make a decision.  The Bible claims that it is the source of truth. Jesus said this […]