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Jesus the King

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The Gospel of Matthew presents Jesus as the King.  Jesus is introduced firstly as the “son of David” and then the “son of Abraham”.  It would appear that Matthew is emphasizing the kingship of Jesus, since David is mentioned before Abraham.  The genealogy in Matthew chapter 1 presents Jesus being born through the kingly line […]

King David and promises which affect you

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October Blog Series

Why does the first verse of the New Testament introduce the Lord Jesus as the son of David and the son of Abraham? “The book of the genealogy of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham” (Matthew1:1). It is because God wants to remind us of the important promises that He has […]

King Saul and choices

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While Saul was still king of Israel, God chose David to be the next king. David was a young shepherd boy when God sent the prophet Samuel to Jesse’s house to anoint the future king. Samuel was surprised that God did not choose Jesse’s eldest son. But God said to Samuel:“Do not look on his […]

The people’s choice for a king

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Samuel was the last of the judges that the children of Israel had in the 400 year period following their placement in the land of Canaan by God as promised when the people left Egypt for their wilderness journey. Samuel made great efforts to lead the nation in the ways of the true God but […]