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Evidence that the Bible is Inspired: The Birth of Jesus

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The Bible claims that God is the ultimate author. Although there were forty independent writers who wrote over a 1,600 year time span, God “inspired” the people He chose to write His word. This means there is one consistent message, not forty separate messages. This video considers three examples from within the Bible to show […]

How is the Bible inspired?

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Inspiration means different things to different people. I may for example feel that it’s a process of being stimulated to do something or feel something and would say “I was inspired by … to create …” something in daily life. This week we are going to look at inspiration from a biblical point of view […]


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Inspiration, in short, is the motivation of a person’s heart and desires and is usually the catalyst for or the fuel behind the accomplishment of a goal, task, or other endeavor. In the case of the Bible, though written by human authors over multiple generations, the inspiration came from God. God had a goal, and […]

8 Ways to find happiness

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Jesus told his followers how to find happiness. It was not through having every wish, every need and want fulfilled. It was instead a state of mind brought about by experience and wisdom. Become Poor in Spirit! Those who are poor in spirit are happy. This is not a weak, unattractive, poorness of character. It […]