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How I became a Christadelphian

by Blog Team

I was born on 19 June, 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand. That is where my story begins. My parents were Jean Ching and Walter (known as Wally) Ching. My ancestry, from its various sources, is English, Scottish, and Danish, so I am a pure-bred mongrel. My mother`s mother was a Christadelphian. My mother`s father, however […]

The History of the English Bible

by admin

The Bible was not originally written in English: the Old Testament was written in Hebrew (with some small parts in Aramaic), and the New Testament was written in Greek with the inclusion of some Aramaic words and phrases. At the time of Jesus, it seems that Greek may have been the common language of people in […]

Jerusalem in the past (part 2)

by admin

At the time of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ 582 years later, the city and whole nation were under the control of the Romans. Herod the Great ruled on behalf of the occupying Romans, he built a very large new temple on the site of the original Solomon’s temple. It is mentioned frequently […]

Jerusalem in the past (part 1)

by admin

It is believed that the city of Jerusalem dates back to 2300BC when it was inhabited (under another name) by the Amorites and then the Hittites. It was then abandoned but is later referred to as Salem in the time of the King and Priest Melchizadek in Gen. 26, a contemporary of the patriarch Abraham. […]