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Inspiration, in short, is the motivation of a person’s heart and desires and is usually the catalyst for or the fuel behind the accomplishment of a goal, task, or other endeavor. In the case of the Bible, though written by human authors over multiple generations, the inspiration came from God. God had a goal, and […]

What is the gospel?

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The English word “gospel” comes from two words in Old English: “good” and “spel” (which means story or message), hence “good story”. The Greek word it is translated from in the New Testament is euangelion, which means good tidings. In the New Testament (Luke 4:18) it is used in a quotation from the Old Testament, […]

Gods Carpenter – Son of David

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Although the Lord’s promise to David that his offspring would sit on his throne and have the kingdom established forever ultimately spoke of the future Messiah, the choice of David’s successor to the throne was an extremely important decision. Like the Lord’s choice of David as king, David’s choice of Solomon was perhaps just as […]