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How I became a Christadelphian

by Blog Team

I was born on 19 June, 1954 in Christchurch, New Zealand. That is where my story begins. My parents were Jean Ching and Walter (known as Wally) Ching. My ancestry, from its various sources, is English, Scottish, and Danish, so I am a pure-bred mongrel. My mother`s mother was a Christadelphian. My mother`s father, however […]

What does it mean that God is One?

by admin

Judaism, Christianity and Islam are known as the three great monotheistic religions. The central premise of monotheism is that there is only one God. But what is meant by “one God”? Does “one God” mean that this God is the only true God and all other gods are non-existent? Certainly, most Jews, Christians and Muslims […]

I believe in the power of prayer

by admin

Webster’s Dictionary defines prayer as: “A solemn and humble approach to Divinity in word or thought usually involving beseeching, petition, confession, praise or thanksgiving.” Prayer, in some form, has been a part of the religious life of most cultures that have existed down through time. Mostly it was a means of calling to an unseen […]

God’s Object in Subjecting us to Vanity

by admin

There are some things that we have to remember that we would rather forget. The remembrance of them brings no pleasure. There are some such things in the symbols of bread and wine, though the outcome is good. We have death, and we see sin. Neither of these things by themselves are pleasant. But they […]

God’s Plans for the World

by admin

He will fill the earth with His glory. “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14) He will bring peace to the earth. “He will judge between many peoples and will settle disputes for strong nations far and wide. They […]

The Character of God

by admin

We know that God is a Spirit and that He is all-powerful, all-knowing, and eternal. These are characteristics of God that are hard for us to fully understand, and beyond our capabilities of imitating. The best way we can come to know God is through His personality. His character is portrayed quite vividly throughout the […]

Is there evidence for God?

by admin

I am not a scientist. As is probably true with most people, I can read or hear about the latest discoveries in science, but I often don’t fully understand them. It would be ridiculous for me, with a limited knowledge of science, to deny these discoveries, but it does not necessarily follow that one must […]

Names of God

by admin

When reading the Bible, you will often come across the word LORD in capital letters. The Jews did not like to pronounce the actual Name of God and so whenever the Name of God appeared in the Hebrew text they would read the Hebrew equivalent for the word Lord or God. This was carried over […]

Do you ever get side tracked?

by admin

The twelve Apostles were those who had been specifically commissioned by Jesus to spread the word to all the people. But as the numbers of disciples grew, so did the administration duties of the apostles. It seems the time had come when administration had taken over the work they had been set to do. This […]

What is a heavenly country?

by admin
October Blog Series

When men call themselves “strangers and pilgrims”, they plainly indicate that they are seeking a country where they will be at home. This was the position of the forefathers of the Israelites, as shown by (Hebrews 11:13-16). What were they looking for? Was it the country by the Euphrates from which Abraham came? In that […]