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Understanding Revelation: Observation

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In the first post about “Understanding the Book of Revelation”, we considered the context of this last book of the Bible and asked some questions to aid our understanding. We determined that John, the writer of the Gospel of John and the beloved disciple of Jesus, wrote Revelation about A.D. 95-96. It was a time […]

Understanding the Book of Revelation: Context and Questions

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The book of Revelation is often viewed as the most difficult book of the Bible to understand. It is a challenging book, but a very important book as it was written to provide insight to believers about the things that would come to pass from the end of the first century A.D. up to and […]

The Bible Toolbox – Part 5

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If you have been following these posts, you will see that there are many tools, tips and techniques one can use to make reading the Bible more understandable and enjoyable. Today, we will briefly discuss the use of cross-references. In the previous post, toolbox part 4, we made connections between the Old Testament and New […]