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Jesus in all

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Jesus is found everywhere in the Bible – from the New Testament which tells about him, and the Old Testament which prophesies of him. The table below shows just how much there is in the Old Testament about him. He could not have arranged to have these prophecies fulfilled concerning himself. It would also be […]

Consistency between the Old and New Testaments

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The Bible was written over a long period of time and by many different writers and yet there is powerful consistency to it. There are parallel accounts (more than one account of the same events), and while they allow for slightly different perspectives, they do not contradict or disqualify one another. The Bible also remains […]

Read and Learn about the Bible in a supportive, friendly online group

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  It is not too hard these days to find a snippet from the Bible floating around on Social Media. Often the words, carefully arranged and made attractive, can help to inspire, comfort or challenge us. And this is good; but the Bible, also needs to be understood as a whole and taking small pieces […]

The Bible Toolbox – Part 1

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We believe that people possess the capabilities to comprehend and understand the message of the Bible through a careful and prayerful reading of God’s Word. Today, there are many tools and techniques available to assist you in making your Bible reading understandable, enjoyable and profitable. Like a tradesperson’s toolbox, this article and subsequent articles, will […]

Choosing a Bible

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We are privileged today to be able to choose which version of the Bible we read and to be able to have more than one. There are dozens of Bible translations. The King James, the New King James, the English Standard Version, the New International Version, the New American Standard, the New Living Translation, and […]