Hope that is eternal

At this point in time, there probably isn’t a person who hasn’t spent time holding on to hope that this pandemic will be over soon. Probably last year at this time we were hoping it would be over by the end of the summer, and now once again some are hoping that by the fall we will be able to resume normal activities. Others are experiencing the worst it has ever been.

Hope is something that keeps us moving in a forward direction. If we have hope, we also can find the courage and the impetus to do whatever we need to do to achieve victory.

Hope cannot be based on mere dreams or fantasies however. It must have substance.

The apostle Paul had some interesting words to say about hope. In Romans 5:3,4 he says, “…we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope…”

It is an interesting progression that may seem strange – to progress from suffering to hope. Paul was certainly familiar with adversity, and also of coming out the other side. Paul’s hope was based on his belief that this is God’s world, and therefore never hopeless. He believed that God cares about His people and that in His purpose, good will triumph over evil.

Hardship and suffering can embitter us, or it can make us into strong people – hope is really what makes the difference. When we go through periods of hardship, and endure and hope through it, it changes us in ways that only persevering through suffering can and it strengthens the hope that pulled us through. It becomes then not simply a mood but a quality of character.

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