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Bible Study: A Quest for Hidden Treasure (Part 2)

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Bible study really is like digging for treasure. Sometimes it is harder to find than other times, but there is almost always something that will feel like a sparkly, colourful jewel. Bible study is basically using the critical thinking skills of observation and evaluation to form a conclusion. Having a method to follow, helps to […]

Bible Study: A quest for hidden treasure (Part 1)

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It has probably never been easier to study our Bibles. We are living in a time when the Bible is accessible in so many ways: we can read or listen to it in any number of different translations, we can get a list of verses instantly by doing a word or phrase search, we can easily […]

Are you afraid?

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What are you afraid of? A survey completed in 2018 found that at least in the United States, fear is on the rise. The top fear was of corrupt government officials, and other fears were the environment, not having enough money in the future, and those we love becoming ill or dying. It is understandable […]

Understanding the Book of Revelation: Memorization and Application

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The book of Revelation is a difficult book. It is also the last book of the entire Word of God and completes the message of God, through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. As I mentioned in an earlier post, many of the symbols and imagery used in Revelation have their foundation in earlier books […]

Understanding the Book of Revelation: Interpretation

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In this post I will consider the “big” question about interpreting the book of Revelation. To do this, I will use a number of examples from Revelation chapter 1. There are some guiding principles to interpretation when it comes to the Bible. The apostle Peter tells us that the Word of God is not to […]

Understanding Revelation: Observation

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In the first post about “Understanding the Book of Revelation”, we considered the context of this last book of the Bible and asked some questions to aid our understanding. We determined that John, the writer of the Gospel of John and the beloved disciple of Jesus, wrote Revelation about A.D. 95-96. It was a time […]