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Reasons to believe in the Bible, in God, in Jesus Christ, and the hope of resurrection.

Why we think God exists

by Blog Team

We have ecclesias all over the world. In New Zealand they are currently running a series called bubble banter. Bubble because at the moment wherever we live in the world because of the pandemic our socialising has been curbed and we are now listening to zoom or go to meeting bible studies from our home […]

I believe in the power of prayer

by admin

Webster’s Dictionary defines prayer as: “A solemn and humble approach to Divinity in word or thought usually involving beseeching, petition, confession, praise or thanksgiving.” Prayer, in some form, has been a part of the religious life of most cultures that have existed down through time. Mostly it was a means of calling to an unseen […]

God’s Object in Subjecting us to Vanity

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There are some things that we have to remember that we would rather forget. The remembrance of them brings no pleasure. There are some such things in the symbols of bread and wine, though the outcome is good. We have death, and we see sin. Neither of these things by themselves are pleasant. But they […]

Creation: Out of Nothing

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Just Be Cause! How did we come into existence? How did the universe, earth, and life come to exist? This is a massive question and one that the Bible states right up front: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, ESV) The Bible claims to be the “inspired word of […]

Making good use of the human body

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The eyes – organs of spiritual perception and understanding: Ephesians 1:18 – Eyes look to God The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints… Jeremiah 5:21 – Eyes sometimes see not. Hear […]

Are you drinking the water of life?

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No water, No life, No blue, No green – Sylvia Earle How often do we really think about how wonderful water really is and appreciate it? Probably for most of us it is when something goes wrong and suddenly we have no water. However, if we consider that 1 in 10 people in the world […]

Is there evidence for God?

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I am not a scientist. As is probably true with most people, I can read or hear about the latest discoveries in science, but I often don’t fully understand them. It would be ridiculous for me, with a limited knowledge of science, to deny these discoveries, but it does not necessarily follow that one must […]

The Resurrection of Jesus

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Of all the subjects in the Bible, I think that the resurrection of Jesus is the most important, because it touches on God’s character, the work of his son Jesus, the meaning of the sacrifice of Jesus, the topic itself (Jesus’ own raising from the dead), and our own resurrection. I do not know of […]

Are there benefits to faith?

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Some would say that faith is only for those who are simple or weak and need a crutch to get through life. Some would seem to say that in this world we live in today, atheism is a form of higher thinking that will lead to better things. One would think that this higher thinking […]

Is Faith a Rational Choice?

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It is assumed by some that those who believe could not possibly have reached their position rationally. Since faith is partly based on things that cannot be seen, and making a rational choice is dependent on evidence, this seems proof to them that faith is not a rational choice. However, how many of our day-to-day […]