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Finding things and understanding words in the Bible: Concordances and Lexicons

Concordances A concordance is simply an alphabetic list of all the different words that occur in a book and where they are found. For many years, Bible students have used Bible concordances. These large books are invaluable for serious study. With an exhaustive concordance to the Bible version you read, it is possible to locate […]

Bible Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Atlases

Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Bible dictionaries are very practical and useful reference tools that give information about a wide range of Bible subjects arranged alphabetically. They generally provide definitions and proper names. This reference tool can greatly aid your understanding and add to your Bible study. Suppose you just read about King Darius in the […]

All about online Bible software

Online Bible Software allows you to download Bibles, different versions of Bibles, Bible reading plans, dictionaries, commentaries, lexicons, maps, atlases, and other Bible products to your desktop or mobile device.┬áThis makes Bible reading and Bible study very convenient. There are many free software applications, which include the text of the entire Bible, often in several […]